Movilizer is a leading European Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) that empowers enterprises to realize their digital transformation and deploy nimble and dynamic strategies in the field. Movilizer enables them to develop mobile business models by making any operation available on any mobile device and at the same time interconnecting them with the enterprise back-end system and with each other. Some of its main characteristics:


Flexible and adaptable structure. You define the process you need to mobilize. Movilizer allows you access to the data and you can interact in your business process by configuring the logic of your backend. Besides this, it will be displayed accurately in any mobile device (Android, Symbian phone, iPhone, BlackBerry …)


Low cost. With SaaS solutions built and run on the Movilizer Cloud for Field Operations, no hardware investment, licenses nor infrastructure are needed. Just the connector and the access to the Movilizer cloud.


Reliability and robustness guaranteed. Movilizer accompanied already over 200 multinationals successfully on their transformational journey to become interconnected, digitally augmented and mobile-enabled companies.


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SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software. Movilizer owns the Movilizer Add-On, wich is a certified SAP Add-on that connects your SAP system to the Movilizer Cloud and Clients.


SAP helps you streamline your processes, giving you the ability to use live data to predict customer trends. Movilizer opens up a wide range of new mobile possibilities and features to boost your business performance.




Any backend system can connect to the Movilizer Cloud Platform and expose data and business processes. It doesn´t matter which language (Microsoft .NET / C#, Java…) or which workbench (Eclipse, Visual Studio) you are using. Either using an out-of-the-box Movilizer connector (Movilizer Connectors are translation tools in order to speed up system integration), either using a specific development we can connect any back-end system to the Movilizer Cloud Platform. The Connectors are installed on back-end system.




We anticipate any issue in our client systems. In order to achieve this goal we check and monitor all the systems on a daily basis; right and in time data recording, system accuracy, user devices correct synchronization. Weekly reports any problem on the daily tasks or data reconciliation processes (list of missing ID’s and list of incomplete / unknown ID’s or difference between number of products which were registered in production (factories, distribution centers) and arrived to the central system). We investigate the discrepancies and solve any system gap or human error in the introduction and process of the information.




Movicoders Lean WM is a cloud-based Warehouse Management System to easily manage and optimize movements in small- and middle-sized warehouses.



  • Movement And Location Management


  • Mobility Data Management


  • Esay Integration Management


  • WM Designer


  • Offline/Online Mode


  • Lean WM as a Service (SaaS)