DICESA (Distribuidora Cántabra de Explosivos, S.A.)


Support (and development) of all the Track and Trace processes and infrastructure of the company. Technical infrastructure: Movilizer is the mobile client running in all the company devices, these devices are connected to MoviBlaster (the T&T central repository, also developed by MoviCoders) using the Movilizer .NET connector and it is connected to SAP B1 (the enterprise ERP)  using a connector developed by MoviCoders. Support Tasks:

  • Monitoring systems on a daily basis. Research, analyses and resolution of system incidences or gaps on SAP B1, MoviBlaster and/or Movilizer cloud.
  • Research and resolution of final user doubts related with traceability and following up of any ID.
  • Checking synchronization and data recording in devices on a daily basis.
  • Problems with the Hand Held synchronization or Movilizer installation.
  • Systems upgrades.