BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO. Support Track and Trace processes.


Support Track and Trace processes on European BAT locations (DCs and factories). SAP ERP (AII- OER module) and Movilizer to manage and process T&T data. Our main tasks:

  • On a daily basis we check that synchronization and data recording in devices are working fine, information is being accurately registered in the cloud and all the data arrives to the OER system without any problem nor delay. Besides this we solve any user problem with the HandHeld synchronization or Movilizer installation.
  • Movilizer upgrades to all Distribution Center and Factory devices.
  • Monitoring systems on a daily basis. Research, analyses and resolution of system incidences or gaps in OER, PI systems and/or Movilizer cloud.
  • Reconciliation processes. Weekly report of any inconsistence on reconciliation processes. The goal of data reconciliation is provide as an statistical report on manufactured quantities and the difference between number of products which were registered in production (factories, distribution centers) and arrived in OER, in addition reconciliation statistics will be provided, where the list of missing ID’s and list of incomplete / unknown ID’s will be shown. We must investigate the discrepancies and solve any system gap or human error in the introduction and process of the information.