MoviCoders was founded in 2005 and since the beginning our goal has been to create and deploy mobility solutions and enterprise resources management systems, as well as to bring technology to all companies.
During the past 10 years MoviCoders has been involved in over 50 projects where Movilizer were implemented. Most of those Movilizer projects were integrated with SAP, MICROSOFT or Oracle/JAVA backend systems, allowing us to build a team of experts not only in Movilizer but also in SAP ABAP, Microsoft .Net / C# and Java. MoviCoders today works with many different clients ranging from SMEs to Large Multinationals and is frequently subcontracted by other Movilizer Partners in 4 continents.



MoviCoders is the reference Partner for Movilizer in the Spanish market and works closely with Movilizer GmbH since the beginning of this technology. MoviCoders has more than 25.000 hours experience developing Movilizer projects.
In 2007 MoviCoders  decided to go for a mobility platform option that best fitted the reality of the business world: it should be a cloud-based middleware that allows large customers to manage their mobile workflows cross-platform and from their backend system. Then, MoviCoders found Movilizer and loved the vision. Thus an alliance was signed in 2007 with Movilizer GmbH to collaborate in implementations of the Movilizer platform. It was in 2009 when MoviCoders delivered its first  Movilizer live project.


We have been distinguished as Preferred Partner 2017 by Honeywell Movilizer. We got the prize after winning Movilizer hackathon that took place during Movilizer Days  last year 2016 in Mannheim.


We have developed our first project with SAP WORKFLOW and Movilizer.

We have developed our first project with IoT and Movilizer


We developed and implemented our first T&T project based on SAP B1 and Movilizer.

We developed our first pilot project with NFC technology and Movilizer.

We implemented our first project based on SAP PS and Movilizer


We developed and implemented our first T&T project (using RFID technology) based on SAP All  and Movilizer.

We developed and implemented our first mobility project based on SAP PM/CS and Movilizer.


We implemented our first T&T project in pharma industry with Movilizer.

We implemented our first mobility project based on SAP WM and Movilizer in Oceania.

We built our first SAP ECC add-on.


We created an EasyBrick Factory for Movilizer.

We implemented our first mobility project based on SAP PM/CS and Movilizer in América.

We extended our international support team for T&T projects including tobacco, explosive and pharma industry activities.


We developed our first version of Salesforce Movilizer connector.
We developed and implemented a B2C App with Movilizer.
Creation of our international support team for Track & Trace.


We developed and implemented our first cloud WMS project based on JAVA conector and Movilizer client.

We finished our first project AVANZA I+D.

We were hired for supporting T&T systems and user needs by an international tobacco industry.

We developed and implemented a SAP B1 add on. It covers all needs from Explosive Distribution Industry.

We implemented our first SAP B1 project on distribution sector.


We implemented our first mobility project on SAP ECC in Asia.

We implemented our first mobility project using Movilizer in Spain.

We developed an excel Connector for Movilizer using JAVA.

We implemented our first SAP B1 project on tourism sector.


We implemented our first mobility project on SAP ECC in Europe.

We implemented our first RFID project applied in access control for people

Development of our first pilot mobility project with Movilizer in Spain.


We became first Movilizer Partner.

We created the MoviCoders Logcentre in Walqa, with the collaboration of SAP.


Implementation of our first SAP B1 project on commercial sector.

Development of our first mobility project. 



We became SAP partners.

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