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ESG Solutions


The Border Carbon Adjustment Mechanism aims to prevent "carbon leakage" by ensuring that the carbon price of imports is equivalent to that of production within the EU.


The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive is a European Union legislation that seeks to standardize and improve the quality of corporate sustainability reporting.


The European Union Deforestation Free Regulation (EUDR) aims to minimize deforestation and forest degradation by promoting the consumption of "deforestation-free" products and reducing the EU's impact on global deforestation.

Technology solutions for large companies

In a world where mobility redefines business dynamics, at Movicoders we strive to go beyond the traditional concept of mobility in the Information and Communication Technologies sector. We are committed to creating solutions that not only allow you to interact with business processes from anywhere, but also embrace versatility and end-to-end connectivity.

Specializing in the development of mobile, web and desktop solutions, as well as ICT consulting services, Movicoders is distinguished by its strategic focus on the implementation of innovative technologies. Since 2005, we have been leading the way in traceability systems, working closely with renowned partners such as osapiens Services GmbH, Movilitas GmbH, Honeywell and SAP.

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Verify, track and trace a product from the factory to the end customer.

Information systems

Technologies that leverage data to improve your business and automate complex tasks.

Data management

We enhance your software to meet your business requirements and increase your performance.

How we can help you

At movicoders, we are dedicated to offering advanced technological solutions that address multiple critical aspects for the operation and success of your company. With a comprehensive and customized approach, we ensure that every area of your operation is optimized and aligned with the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness.

Our expertise extends to a variety of areas, including:

  • Traceability: We guarantee complete visibility of the product life cycle, from its origin to its final destination, ensuring transparency and control at every stage.
  • Warehouse management: We offer advanced tools to optimize the storage, logistics and distribution of your products, improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.
  • Data management: We help organize, analyze and leverage your company’s data to make informed and strategic decisions that drive growth and competitiveness.
  • Mobility: We implement mobile solutions that improve operational efficiency, facilitating access to information and task management anywhere, anytime.
  • ESG Directives: We facilitate the management of initiatives and compliance with regulations in the field of sustainability and corporate responsibility, promoting ethical and sustainable practices.
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Our team

At movicoders, we have a highly specialized and experienced team, ready to tackle any challenge and offer innovative and effective technological solutions. Our team is composed of multidisciplinary professionals who bring a unique combination of skills and knowledge, allowing us to offer a comprehensive approach and customized solutions for each of our clients.

Our team is distinguished by:

  • Expertise: Each member of our team is an expert in his or her area, with a deep knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies and market trends.
  • Experience: With years of experience in the industry, we have successfully managed and executed numerous projects of varying complexity and scale, ensuring optimal results.
  • Multidisciplinarity: Our diversity of profiles allows us to approach projects from multiple perspectives, integrating different disciplines to develop complete and effective solutions.
  • Turnkey projects: We are equipped to manage and execute projects from start to finish. From planning and design to implementation and support, our team handles every step of the process, ensuring smooth and seamless delivery.