At movicoders, we offer advanced technological solutions to manage and comply with ESG directives, regulations and best practices.

Our IT platform is designed to help companies navigate the complex landscape of sustainability and corporate responsibility. We provide tools that simplify the management of ESG initiatives, ensure regulatory compliance and promote a more sustainable and ethical operation. With our solutions, it is possible to drive ESG strategy efficiently and effectively.


The Border Carbon Adjustment Mechanism aims to prevent "carbon leakage" by ensuring that the carbon price of imports is equivalent to that of production within the EU.


The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive is a European Union legislation that seeks to standardize and improve the quality of corporate sustainability reporting.


The European Union Deforestation Free Regulation (EUDR) aims to minimize deforestation and forest degradation by promoting the consumption of "deforestation-free" products and reducing the EU's impact on global deforestation.