of data

Regardless of the data capture hardware (barcode scanners, RFID readers, printers…), we are able to integrate it with your systems, directly or through a mobile device.

RFID gates, sensors, scanners, automation, integration are some of the key factors for the success of Industry 4.0.

We have extensive experience in device integration and data automation for SAP (SAP OER, SAP ATTP, SAP AII, SAP MM, SAP IM, SAP eWM…) and no SAP backends.

Movicoders, together with its hardware partners, provides end-to-end expertise that generates robust solutions, from hardware configuration to final integration with backends.

Movicoders data capture SAP diagram

Responsive portals

Web portals developed with the latest UI technologies to ensure end-user satisfaction.

Mobile applications

Tools that provide mobility, speed and agility in the processes, improving productivity and therefore saving time and costs.

Mobile applications for SAP

Agile mobile applications fully integrated with SAP business process.

Case Study

Movicoders data capture rfid device


Manufacture of household appliances


+50,000 employees


Movicoders data capture SAP hardware


This company started with a pilot for the unloading process with RFID gates and handheld RFID scanners integrated with SAP SD & WM in one country and now the solution is extended to different warehouse and factory operations in several countries.

Key Points

  1. Use the right hardware and technology to accelerate data capture in your business processes.
  2. Accelerate the adoption of IoT in your enterprise data management from remote sensors.
  3. Avoid manual operations and inconsistencies in your data capture processes by integrating all the functions that a mobile device currently offers (GPS, camera…).