Movicoders honeywell ACT traceability

Honeywell ACT is a cloud-based software that enables tobacco product distributors, retailers and other economic operators in Europe to capture and process traceability information specified in the TPD Directive.

Honeywell has created its own EPCIS repository solution in the cloud to provide any tobacco agent involved in the logistics chain (manufacturers, distributors and points of sale), an easy solution to implement the TPD directive, 100% integrable by using the API to any backend or warehouse management.

In addition, a handheld scanner + portal solution has been developed in order to provide all the functionalities in those small companies where a complete integration with their systems is not possible.

Movicoders Honeywell ACT tobacco solution

Case Study

Movicoders honeywell act user case app


Tobacco distributor


+1,000 deliveries per day


Movicoders honeywell act traceability app


This company needed to comply with the TPD Directive integrated with their ERP, also adding scanners to capture events during warehouse operations. Movicoders implemented the complete Honeywell ACT solution to meet the customer’s needs without affecting internal logistics processes.

Key Points

  1. Solution leader among European tobacco companies.
  2. Complete solution that provides mobile devices, applications and APIs for ERP integration.
  3. Fully approved for sending messages to the European router.