Data storage

Access your data from anywhere and on any device, scale your storage capacity according to your needs, protect your data with encryption and automatic backups, and collaborate with your team in real time.

Industries generate data and its availability must be guaranteed, anywhere and at any time. Movicoders provides the key tools to ensure your access and availability, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Movicoders data storage diagram

Cloud storage and data protection

Cloud storage gives an industrial company a competitive edge over other companies that do not leverage the potential of data to improve their performance

  1. Storage and processing of large volumes of data generated by your production processes, machinery and sensors, without the need to invest in physical infrastructure.
  2. Access and analyze data in real time to optimize the efficiency, quality and safety of your operations and make evidence-based decisions.
  1. Share and synchronize data with your suppliers, customers and partners, facilitating communication, coordination and innovation.