Microservices are an architectural and organizational approach to software development where software is composed of small independent services that communicate through well-defined APIs.

They are independent and deployable within the architecture and can be conceived using different programming languages, databases, hardware and software environment, depending on what best suits the situation.

Microservices are based on a DevOps approach, which ensures automation and monitoring at every step of software development; from integration, testing, deployment to implementation and infrastructure management.

Fast and easy to scale architecture

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Case Study

Movicoders microservices user case mockup example


Technology company


+100,000 employees


Movicoders integration Kubernetes
Movicoders integration docker


This company wanted to refactor the existing software solution to allow external access to the core functionality of the product.

A set of microservices was created to allow access from an external server to the core functionalities, following a DevOps strategy. Currently, third-party applications and portal can securely access the main functionalities, eliminating risks and having an agile response to your business requirements.

Key Points

  1. Publish your software code as an isolated and reusable service.
  2. Apply DevOps to reduce project risks and save deployment time.
  3. Run automatic test to avoid errors and save money.