Movicoders has been selected as an expert traceability partner by 3 of the 5 largest tobacco companies, the world’s leading explosives company and some of the largest European pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies. 

During the last 10 years, Movicoders has implemented the most reliable traceability solutions on the market: SAP OER, SAP AII, SAP ATTP, Movilizer T&T and Honeywell ACT in all sectors where the tracking and traceability of all logistic events is essential such as Tobacco, Pharmaceuticals, Explosives, Chemicals…

Movicoders traceability services SAP

Aggrego LS

A complete and scalable standards-based logistics solution that can be integrated with any ERP.


EPCIS event repository preferred by pharmaceutical, tobacco and explosives companies for the last 10 years.

Osapiens T&T

Use a solution to communicate and receive information to increase transparency in the supply chain.

Honeywell ACT

The number one software solution for European tobacco companies. More than 1,000 active customers.