Warehouse management is the control of the daily operations of a warehouse, such as shipping, receiving, picking and all internal movements.

Warehouse operations are complex and can generate a lot of paperwork. Warehouse management software automates manual processes, helps users record all their warehouse activities and enables centralized control and visibility of all warehouse procedures.

Aggrego prevents errors, saves both time and inefficient movements and corrects FIFO (or LIFO, depending on your warehouse operation).

This simple solution can be integrated with any ERP, using a standard HTTP REST API.

Centralized operations control

Movicoders Aggrego Logistic Software diagram

Case Study

Movicoders Aggrego Logistic Software responsive


Household appliance manufacturer


+200 employees


aggrego logistic software by movicoders


This company started to control the receiving warehouse and moved the solution to control all stock, including production WIP materials.

Now they can pass any customer audit without investing any extra effort, they always know where the stock is and therefore optimize the search for specific lots. They can also more efficiently organize the contents of the warehouse and save a lot of worker time during the receiving phase, since they are now not only covering an Inventory Management scenario, but also a Warehouse Management scenario, which means that they not only know what the existing quantity is for each material, but also where they are located within the warehouse.

Key Points

  1. Avoid errors in the verification of scanned operational data against ERP
  2. Correctly perform FIFO/LIFO avoiding product expiration.
  3. Optimize warehouse layout based on actual data.