Business Intelligence

BI tools allow business users to access different types of data: historical and current, third-party and internal, as well as semi-structured and unstructured data.

Once the relevant data is stored, it is time to use Business Intelligence to extract reports. It offers simple data extraction and analysis tools that, with the right knowledge, can be used to build almost any business report.

The reports are easily customized and allow companies to provide consolidated information without undermining the performance of backend systems.

movicoders business inteligence reports

Case Study

Movicoders power BI cliente caso exito


IT Company


+40 employees


Movicoders power BI IT company microsoft


Daily time control and risk forecasting in the execution of all the company’s projects.

This company found that some projects were underestimated due to unexpected problems, and this reality was only realized at the end of the project, when no action could be taken.

Thanks to Power BI data analysis and data reports from Redmine and SAP, this company can now react to any eventuality in the project on a daily basis.

Key Points

  1. Gartner has recognized Power BI as a leader in Business Intelligence and Analytics for the past 12 years.
  2. For all types of companies and users who want to obtain the best and clearest analytical results.
  3. Leading in data integration possibilities and uncomplicated for users.