Mobility for any backend with Movilizer

Movilizer is a mobility platform from Honeywell that allows you to mobilize any backend with any mobile device, using a native application.

Using the WDSL published in the Cloud it is possible to manage data from any backend (e.g. Salesforce, Oracle, Navision, X3, Asapta, AS400…) to any mobile device.

Movicoders movilitas movilizer APP backend modules

Case Study

Movicoders movilizer movilitas cliente caso exito




+30,000 employees


Movicoders integration movilizer movilitas
Movicoders integration salesforce
Movicoders integration oracle


Legacy PMCS mobilization systems. This company mobilized all its PM processes implemented in different legacy systems using a single platform and mobile solution.

Key Points

  1. Any integration of a legacy system through a web service.
  2. Java, .NET, ABAP… standard connectors available.
  3. Program once and run on native apps for Android, iOS or Windows.