Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

The Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) facilitates service and integrates applications and legacy systems.

In particular, we use the established Talend product family to integrate into existing Talend environments or to expand solutions in the future.

Flexible licensing models, open source licenses or enterprise licenses. Integrated connectors and services to easily integrate and manage data connections.

Data structure with Talend

movicoders esb services data integration

Case Study


European Logistics Association


+100 members


Movicoders integration talend


This client provides all associates with personalized e-mails with information of their interest, generated in an Administrative Management platform.

An automated database mining and artificial intelligence filtering algorithm has been set up with Talend to ensure that only relevant information is sent in a consolidated email to users.

Key Points

  1. Solid solutions thanks to experience in business and software development.
  2. Avoid human errors and delays by using software APIs for communication.
  3. Orchestrate and add AI during data processing to feed your different backends with enhanced data.