Tracking Portal

Movilizer is a mobility platform from Honeywell that allows you to mobilize any backend with any mobile device, using a native application.

Using the Movilizer + Add-ons SAP Certificate Connector, any company can mobilize PM/CS, MM, SD, DSD, WM/eWM, ATTP, OER, ATT, Workflow, PS… with pre-built applications, reducing implementation time by up to 90%.

ReactJS is the most powerful JavaScript library for building advanced UI portals.

Movicoders react library user interface

Data structure with React

Created by more than 1,000 developers, having Facebook leading the initiative ensures continuity and continuous improvement of functionality.

Case Study

Movicoders Tracking Portal


Solar panel manufacturer


+50 employees


Movicoders integration react


This customer needed a tool to internally manage the manufacturing and distribution process of orders coming from a CRM. 

Thanks to our solution you have unified all processes grouped in a multiplatform portal accessible from any device.

Key Points

  1. Design your web portal as a single point of work.
  2. Accessible from any device and browser.
  3. Make your design as impressive as your brand needs it to be.